PHOTOGRAPHY by Giulia Munari

COCKTAILS TASTING for SAMEHEADS Showroom - After all, it is the only and one place in Berlin where you can have both, drinks & fashion.

Sameheads Japan Pop-Up Shop, May/ June '15 in Ossaka & Tokyo.

The Concept: COCKTAIL BAR - 6 Pictures representing alcohol & cigarettes. By Nathan Dukes
Art Direction: Giulia Munari
Model: Jasmin Abraha
Stylist: Raki Fernandez
Assistent: Yukiko Pica Yamane
Make Up: Velta Berzina
Photography & Post Production:
Giulia Munari

Backstage & Excluded pictures:

POSTER DESIGN by Giulia Munari

The impactful style of Björk and her colours in my work - Wanderlust vibes for Oscillator´s crew.

Since 2014 I have collaboration as graphic designer for Oscillator, a monthly music themed party in the Berlin underground, organised by three young italian DJs; Andrea Dama, Valentina Bodini and Luca Trentini.

In April 2014, together with Frederik Schneider, I created an artwork for their poster made with modelling clay inspired by the Björk music video and album, WANDERLUST. 

The Concept: I always like to get my hands dirty and to play like a child. I thought this occasion could be ideal. The brief was quiet simple, '...dark, colourful, like in the jungle...'. With Frederik, we decided to create a tiger, referencing the maskery of Chinese Carnival art. A long tongue could play with the typography once integrated into the poster.

 Picture of the tiger face before being assembled.

Picture of the tiger face before being assembled.

The Colours: After many hours of modelling and working the clay, shaping each single piece into a solid texture that recreates the dynamism of the animal and the softness of its fur, we put everything together for the final picture. Once it was digitized, I worked with the colours. The intention was to have a strong contrast among the dark background and the colourful subject. Below is the picture  from the Wanderlust album´cover, used as colour palette for the artwork:

During the summer of 2015, an Oscillator party entitled AFRILLATOR was organised. The name says everything. What I felt was missing in the previous poster was the lack of -three dimensionality- in the final printed work. This time I thought to integrate other techniques such as drawing and collage to reach my idea. I used modelling clay, coloured tape, black markers of different sizes and later in Photoshop, extra brushes for the typography. 

 Picture of the artwork and a detail.

Picture of the artwork and a detail.


From JMB Jewellery to LTAF Collection launch - " was a unique campaign with a strong concept, and a vibrant and modern palette of colours..."

The Concept: A photography collage look a like, with bits of hi-tech and CGI aesthetic.  

The Final Result:


"This collection is the result of a common examination with a formal theme, which appears as one of the oldest in the history of jewelry – two threaded strings interlacing each other, forming a torque." by Another Something

For this collection I had to come up with a different concept. The image had to reflect through the colours its origin and the long process of this craft. More contrast, darker, and heavier than the material.  


Production and editing: Frank Michels
Editing supervision: Elisa Purfürst
Model: Tatjana - Cat Model Management
Makeup: Patricia Makosch
Music: Lucky Dragons - Take Turns

POSTER DESIGN by Giulia Munari

Nothing better then trippy patterns for Sameheads RE-OPENING Party.

Would you believe me if I tell you that this texture is made of Acrylic colours on canvas?

Sameheads - A platform and second home for artist and creatives in the fields of music, fashion & art. Founded in 2006 and now based in Neukölln, the Sameheads boast a cafe and clothing store in the daytime, which then transforms into a bar and nightclub in the evenings. 

Generally I am a believer of "Less is more", but for this occasion I wanted to be more than bold and play a lot with material and digital colours.  

Before & After:

Spotted! by Giulia Munari

COLLECT Showroom´s Artwork on Fucking Young!

Proud and happy of my collaboration with the amazing artist Yoh Nagao.

I met Yoh for the first time back in 2009 at Illustrative in Berlin where he was exhibiting his art. I became a big fan of his work and in June 2014 we finally managed to work together for Arne Eberle and his COLLECT Showroom. As usual, Arne revealed himself to be very open-minded and enthusiastic for new ideas and ways to express his project.

I requested Yoh to produce two main subjects/characters and one texture I could use as background with which to play. 


COLD OUTSIDE & HOT INSIDE: sculptures made of frozen fabrics and summer tones for COLLECT Showroom at Premium - Berlin FW SS 2014. 

Since 2010 Collect Showroom is a Berlin based collective with an exclusive selection of new and well-established German fashion designers created by Arne Eberle, founder and director of Arne Eberle Press+Sales and editor-in-chief of ΠMagazine.

In May 2013 I met Arne for the first time in his showroom/office. It was easy to pick up on his talent, taste, and limitless energy that he has. His desire to push german talents makes him the perfect Client to work for. He always gave me the freedom to express myself through his showroom. I really respect him.

The Concept: Spring- Summer collections are always exhibited during winter time. I wanted to represent this sort of paradox, the sensation of cold outside but hot inside.

Technique: frozen water and different material such as cotton, wool, velvet and plastic.


Pictures of the Stone-Ice sculptures:


1st STILL LIFE & 1st Collaboration for ARNE EBERLE Press+Sales and his COLLECT Showroom - Berlin FW AW 2013

 Photo by   Matthias Steinkraus   at COLLECT - Edition 7 @ (capsule)

Photo by Matthias Steinkraus at COLLECT - Edition 7 @ (capsule)


Pictures taken from different artists such as Irving Penn, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Sarah Illenberger and Akatre.

Mood board

Excluded pictures:

WEB DESIGN by Giulia Munari

In studio with David Geckeler and Frank Michels. 

This month I had the pleasure to help David Geckeler and Frank Michels in designing their first website as duo collaboration GECKELER MICHELS. The idea it was to build a sort of online business card.  

About the Studio: GECKELER MICHELS is an industrial design studio founded in 2013 in Berlin. Their style matrix ranges from german design roots, Berlin playfulness and a self-evident awareness for a global style in design aesthetics. For GECLER MICHELS approaching new projects always goes along with the appropriation of a related vocabulary. In their eyes it is a crucial way to articulate integral and outstanding answers. Consequently. GECKELER MICHELS passion for materials, technology and stories can be stated as the main impulse for creating accurate and subtle products. 

BLOG by Giulia Munari

After years and years of collecting pictures from the web to my computer, I came to the point where it was it natural for me to decide to have one too, a blog. I decided to name it after my biggest fear: NO FANTASY.

N°FANTASY. A never ending mood board where pictures are connected like a puzzle. Where there is a logic there is also a paradox.

FASHION COLLAGE by Giulia Munari

When I discovered M/M Paris. 

As a sort of exercise this picture above "S", was my first draft of an Alphabet out of fashion pictures inspired by M/M Paris. 

M/M minds me that graphic design not only has guide lines and grids; everything start from a drawing, a picture, a mark. When we put together Art, Photography, Illustration, Set Design, Graphic Design; how do we define it? I love being an art director, it gives me the possibility to understand all those forms of expressions and to find a way to unify them.

Below: a picture by M/M Paris from The Alphabet - 2001. Series of 27 1-colour silkscreen posters. Originally produced in the context of V magazine in collaboration with  Inez von Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. The Alphabet uses photographs of 26 models as the basis for a complete set of letters. Each woman´s image is reworked into the initial of her own name. This is the first in an ongoing series of such alphabets

3D TYPOGRAPHY by Giulia Munari

When you are bored and by chance it's almost Christmas...

Is it cold outside and happens to be that you have some leftovers from window  isolation gum and some red tape laying around ? 

This is what I built out of it: a sweet typography for a perfect screen saver to use and to send around to your friends and family instead the usual & boring greeting cards.

FASHION COLLAGE by Giulia Munari

Berlin inspired me: BLACK is B(L)ACK!

In my first year in Berlin, back in 2009, I started to create small artworks, collages and illustrations as a sort of private research to define my own taste. I used to cut pictures from old magazines, printed pictures from random fashion advertising founded online, and combine with different coloring techniques. Here is one them.

After discovering the famous Berghain nightclub and its fashion, it was almost natural to translate this experience into a collage. I used a photo by Bruno Staub from RODEO magazine n°42 and glued  a self-drawn pvc mask with black and silver markers on top of it.